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Product Leadership Europe

Product Leadership Europe


6 juni 2024    
9:00 am - 5:00 pm


About Product Leadership Europe
For over a decade, we have been bringing together thousands of product enthusiasts to share knowledge, inspire each other, and build an awesome product community through our Roundtables & Talks. Today, we introduce Product Leadership Europe: a new and innovative event experience that will tickle your senses and blow your mind.

Shaping the Future of Product Leadership
At Product Leadership Europe, we are dedicated to building a foundation for the future of product leadership. We offer a vibrant platform where innovators and visionaries converge to innovate and uncover the solutions of tomorrow, today. Our mission is to inspire and create a community that not only celebrates excellence in products but also the innovative processes that make these products possible. We strive to inspire, unite, and empower product leaders, committing ourselves to a culture of continuous improvement and progressive innovation.

Leading the Way to a Future of Excellence
Our aspiration is to lead the way in a world where the innovation and excellence in product leadership are recognized not just as achievements but as ongoing journeys. We want to unite the brightest minds, focusing not solely on the final product but also on the innovative paths that lead to extraordinary solutions. Creating a vibrant community which thrives on collaboration and exchange of knowledge, where the future of product leadership is forged by those who are equally passionate about the goal and the path taken to reach it.

Join us on this exciting journey to shape the future of product leadership, where we build tomorrow’s solutions today, innovate in our processes, and inspire each other along the way.

When: Thursday June 6th, 2024
Where: Jaarbeurs, Auditorium Area in Utrecht

Enjoy sessions from:
– Sander Hoogendoorn (CTO at iBood)
– Apoorva Abhinav (People Lead at Nike & Women in Product NL)
– Chris Lukassen (Author of the Product Samurai)
– Paul Kuijten (Consultant, Coach and Trainer at
– Shaun McGirr (Chief AI & Data at DevOn
– Arjen van der Veer (Senior Transformation Consultant at Prowareness)
– Allen Jellas (Leadership Growth and Coaching)

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