Digital Architecture Design Day

Datum: 14-11-2019
Digital Architecture Design Day

Digital Architecture Design Day is a community driven event that will reveal the best ways of putting strategy into practice for information intensive, medium to large sized ecosystems that deal with a complex environment. Our goal is achieving sustainable change and coherent solutions by exchanging visions from global thought leaders, best practices, learnings and ideas. Digital Architecture Design Day is a one day conference festival incl. evening program and walking dinner: playground of creativity, innovation and hands-on experiences. People come for the insight, but stay for the networking and fun!

Doelgroep: Digital Architecture Design Day is the key meeting place for… ‘Users’ (business) and ‘Creators’ (IT) of digital architecture, involved in translating strategy into practice, from medium to large ecosystems involved in complex collaboration. Such as: digital architects, digital designers, senior developers / engineers, senior management (CIO’s, CTO’s), IT managers, product owners, product managers, innovation managers, business analysts, data analysts, technical project managers, tech leads, lead architects, enterprise architects, business architects, domain architects, information architects, solution architects.

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Locatie: 1931 Congrescentrum Brabanthallen, Den Bosch